In 2003-2004, my good luck took me around the world. This is the story of the trip.


It's soooo good to travel!

October 08, 2003

Well, reality does hit you hard in the face - or, in my case, rather in the arm, when you get your tetanus vaccination, along with four others. You could say it's a small price to pay, on the first day or two, knowing that it protects you against raging tigers, quokkas, quolls and the like. But I guess you just need to wait a bit more... When you have an arm that is completely useless and feels like you've done a million push-ups then you know what I'm talking about. Not to mention the nice purple mountain that could easily become your alarm clock. Only, it wakes you up every five minutes when you turn.

If you are a real masochist I suggest you try to combine the above with a day out at your dentist. Best result develops when you cannot decide any more whether it is your arm or your tooth that hurts more. :)

To tell you quite bluntly, i am rather on the worrier side right now but let's hope I'll only meet such wonderful people along my way like my friends are! Looking at the amount of small talismans I received so far, I decided i do not need to take anything else. :) I wish! (I rather dislike packing.)

It feels so good to be loved.

I hope I can write something interesting every two or three weeks and that you don't restrain yourselves from writing your comments now and then. The next, and first, place I'm going to explore is Nepal.

Just imagine yourself arriving, for the very first time in your life to Asia, at 23:30 at Kathmandu's airport...